Line-O-Scribe Presses, 711, 1411, 1422 and old style

I have several Line-O-Scribe presses for sale; these include the newest style with hammered green finish and adjustable impression (M1411 and M1422) as well as the small and portable M711 press.

On the new style, here are my current offerings:

M711, (pictured) dismantled, new powder coating, new bearings, roller reconditioned — $995 plus shipping

M1411, fully rebuilt, hammered black powder coat finish, all new bearings, reconditioned roller, $1,795 plus shipping.

M1422, (pictured) fully rebuilt, new hammer green powder coat finish, all new bearings, reconditioned roller, $1,995 plus shipping.

I also have original Line-O-Scribe ink plates, new hammer green powder coat finish, $50 or $40 with purchase of a press.

Custom colors, depending on finish, can also be provided for additional cost.

Additionally, I have a number of Line-O-Scribe storage drawers and trays as well as easels for holding type. Please inquire if interested.

On the older style Line-O-Scribe Presses:

Both are pre-Morgan units, approximately 11 x 17 form area, adjustable impression, storage drawer underneath (both have some odd and end type) and a frisket system.

These appear to have a “bed plate” for packing underneath type. Not 100% sure if a galley height press but with adjustable impression I am sure it could handle galleys if desired. if you are looking for a very reasonably priced starter press with a good working area, this is an ideal unit that just needs some elbow grease and TLC.

These style presses are simply constructed and are easy to work on, dismantle, paint, clean, etc. and are well made.

Asking $550 each plus shipping or $1,000 for the pair. I can prepare the press for shipment and make all shipping arrangements for buyer at discount.

Happy to work with schools, museums and other public or private institutions. I have over 100 satisfied customers and over 50 schools, universities, libraries, museums, book arts centers, etc. Can provide references on request.

I also have Nolan, Challenge and Showcard presses as well as a Hohner with adjustable impression and the Signpress machines. I also have several Vandercook model “0” presses. Custom rebuilding of Chandler and Price Pilot Presses available.

Please contact me if interested in a press or if you have further questions. Thanks for looking!

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