3 phase to 1 phase

Hi all
Just got a 1959 platen which is three phase byr my garage is single phase. Would the simplist solution be a phase converter? Such as the Clarke pc20 from machine mart. I can get a reconditioned one for £195. ( I’m in uk)
Or is it better to swap the original motor over to a single phase one?

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I don’t have any expertise on this subject but I have a heidelberg platen which was 3 phase and now runs on single phase. You may need to have a speed control for your single phase motor if you go down that route . The Heidelberg has its own speed control by means of a variable pulley.
Good luck

I’d think that it would be cheaper to just get an old single phase motor. You could use a VFD, which would permit you to change single phase to three phase - and have speed control, but the simplest path may just be to buy a 1/2 HP motor (depending on the size of your platen!)

for new equipment I been using these TECO boxes. good for 1-3 HP. I see others attaching this box to the equipment with a 220 plug on it. I have found going down in speed is fine if I go up in speed slow it is fine, up in speed to fast it will shut down. 3 wires in 3 wires out a good electrician made quick work of it. If I understand you can run equipment from other countries if it is set up right. we run at 60 Hz in this country need to be at 60 all the time. you can wire a 24 volt emergency off button that will cut off everything. not found on are old stuff. a new motor is a easy way to go, cheaper then rebuilding the old motor. this box is 15 years old still working.

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If you can’t replace the motor, as Todd says get a VFD; there are some that will take single phase in and send three out.