4x6 Sigwalt Press, Type, Tools

We are moving and it’s time to part with my small letterpress print shop. Looking for someone in the Seattle area who is interested in buying everything for $500. Perfect for someone just getting started!

The machine is a 4x6 Sigwalt tabletop press with good rollers. The arm that automatically spins the ink plate is not reliable, so I just spun the plate by hand every few impressions. The person I bought the press from said a machinist could fix it, but I never bothered. Otherwise in great working order.

I also have tools/supplies that include quoins, tympan paper, a composing stick, and gauge pins.

The type I have is as follows:
Deepdene 12pt Roman
Deepdene 12pt Italic
Deepdene 18pt Roman
Deepdene 36pt Italic

A full case of leads and slugs
Lots of spacing in various pt sizes
A beautiful set of ornaments for making borders

I can’t get pictures to upload here for some reason but am happy to send images over email if you are interested. Thanks!

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