Greeting Card Packaging?

Hello, Does anyone know a supplier who sells greeting card plastic boxes that you can pack several greeting cards into?

I have searched the net although can’t seem to find a suitable packaging company. Any ideas??

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This is the company I use:

Hope this helps!


Have you tried look for clear lid stationary box

I second clear bags, they have boxes that they ship flat that are kind of like playing card style and then they have boxes that are a seperate top and bottom, plus the celo sleeves.

I also like Clear bags.We use the two-piece folding boxes to package our note card sets and the eco sleeves for our cards and prints


We use this supplier for clear A2 and A7 boxes. Up to about 10-12 cards and envelopes fit into the box.

Also check U-Line.

I’ve ordered the ones from them- they are pretty cheap and they were pretty nice stock white with a clear lid. The shipping is cheap and quick too.

HI everyone,
I realise this maybe an older post. I wondered if anyone knows of any card packaging box suppliers in the UK.

I’m looking to package packs of about 10 notecards.

Try G.F. Smith London & Hull, well Documented,
& Published. They are Good and more than happy to deal with, Table Top Letterpress Printers, up to and beyond Outfits that need Paper, Packaging, etc., etc., by the Tonne.
Look them up perhaps & Good Luck. Mick.

Thanks for all the useful contacts. I’ve booked to
Go and see GF smith tomorrow.