Solving login problems

Having trouble logging in to the site? Here’s a list of problems and solutions.

I created a new username but did not receive a temporary password.

After you create a new username, a temporary password is sent to your email address from the address auto.responder. If you don’t receive the password within a few minutes, this may be due to spam blocking software or you may have mistyped your email address when you created your username.

Solution: request a new password or tell us your username and we will be happy to set your password manually.

My password worked here before but doesn’t now.

Does your password include upper and lower case letters? Passwords are case-sensitive, meaning that ‘Letterpress’ is different from ‘letterpress’. If that’s not the answer, you can request a new password, and then change it to one you like better.

Solution: request a new password.

My password from the old site doesn’t work.

Technical limitations prevent us from transferring usernames from our old site to our new one. If you’ve never created a username on our new site, please re-create your username here, with our apologies for the inconvenience.

Solution: create a username.