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The hot water soak plus corner of the...7 Apr
Thanks everyone - I will try these...3 Apr
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Wow - I would really love the chance to...24 Mar
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I have noticed that they frequently...18 Mar
Theo - what about mineral spirits in...3 Feb
Great - thanks Rick! -Lydia3 Feb
In case it helps with ID, here are some...29 Jan
Thanks Dave - I will take a look at...29 Jan
I'm pretty sure they did - but I will...28 Jan
No pin marks on this one either - also...28 Jan
I suppose it's possible the figures are...28 Jan
Good to know, Bob - thanks! -Lydia 26 Jan
I am using a composing stick; guess I...26 Jan
I will keep trying. Thanks, James. -...26 Jan
James - those are the triangular spaces...26 Jan
I have been using baby oil followed by...25 Jan
Wow - interesting! I wondered how it...22 Jan
Here is a picture of the brass type:...22 Jan
I will try to get a picture of it...21 Jan
Yes, very much so - thanks! This will...1 Dec
I certainly don't have "an axe to...1 Dec