Rouse Type Mortiser & Rouse Vertical Miterer

Need help locating the operating/repair/parts manuals for these two Rouse products. Have both machines, but do not have the proper references to keep these in operation in the future. Would appreciate any help the Briar Press group can provide.
Contact me, off list, if you choose at .
John Finch

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I asked around at one point. Rouse-Arno never responded to me. Dave Churchman has some sales ephemera. Nobody seems to have manuals. If anyone does have manuals, I would gladly do high quality pdf scans and make them available as a download for everyone.

I have the patents for the machines, and I can send you pdfs of those. They won’t be a huge use, but they might help some. I have stripped and partially rebuilt some Rouse slug cutters (along with a Turtle) and they are fairly simple machines. I haven’t stripped a miterer though. Getting the blades packed correctly is the demanding part.

Let me know if you want anything.

Dave Chruhman suggested I contact Rich Hopkins in WV. Have sent him an e-mail and will see what develops. Also contacted the International Printing Museum in CA.
Don’t believe I need anything which you mentioned. Will keep the infor in mind for future reference.
John Finch

I’ve got the instruction sheet for the mortiser. Mine is a bit different that what’s shown on the sheet but the operation is pretty much the same. You still at 860 County Line Rd.?