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There's quite a bit about Evans and his...30 May
I have a photocopy of one of their...30 May
Your photos are too close up. Back up a...30 May
Richard Small died many years ago.23 May
What kind of press? What kind of ink?...29 Apr
If there are no markings on the No. 2...13 Mar
Advertisers Upright Script, BB&S....26 Jan
I've seen many "home made" imposing...11 Jan
Acetone should clean and sanitize that...3 Nov
That looks speciously like a Golding...8 Aug
Your wood type is plank grain? How do...24 Mar
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It would help immensely if you showed a...13 Mar
Snowcrow, If you'll consult your...12 Mar
"American Metal Typefaces of the...11 Mar
Newport, designed by Willard T. Sniffin...10 Mar
American Printing Equipment and Supply...12 Jan
Most them, the ones made of spring...5 Jan
Jim Parrish is long gone. You need to...29 Dec
I measured some of the fonts that I...14 Dec
Why use slotted type? Just so you can...12 Dec
I've got two for sale that are priced...8 Dec
To me, letterpress printing is printing...3 Oct
Paint STRIPPER will slowly dissolve...23 Sep
Can you take it off impression? I would...22 Aug
I suspect it is an early Gordon made...28 Apr
I suspect it is an early Gordon made...28 Apr
I don't believe that is a Chandler &...28 Apr
Erin, You seem to be missing the...18 Apr
Erin, You seem to be missing the...18 Apr
If it is a bottle opener, then, yes...23 Mar
Looks like a really cool bottle opener...23 Mar
I've posted another couple of entries...2 Sep
I have a pinion gear from a New Series...6 Aug
First of all, that's not a Kelsey, it's...15 Jan
Paint stripper will help with this job....1 Jan
Get cold-rolled steel NOT hot rolled.31 Dec
Give me part numbers and I’ll see...19 Dec
Give me part numbers and I'll see what...18 Dec