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To me, letterpress printing is printing...3 Oct
Paint STRIPPER will slowly dissolve...23 Sep
Can you take it off impression? I would...22 Aug
I suspect it is an early Gordon made...28 Apr
I suspect it is an early Gordon made...28 Apr
I don't believe that is a Chandler &...28 Apr
Erin, You seem to be missing the...18 Apr
Erin, You seem to be missing the...18 Apr
If it is a bottle opener, then, yes...23 Mar
Looks like a really cool bottle opener...23 Mar
I've posted another couple of entries...2 Sep
I have a pinion gear from a New Series...6 Aug
First of all, that's not a Kelsey, it's...15 Jan
Paint stripper will help with this job....1 Jan
Get cold-rolled steel NOT hot rolled.31 Dec
Give me part numbers and I’ll see...19 Dec
Give me part numbers and I'll see what...18 Dec
I don't have this face in 24 but in my...5 Dec
These are frequently filed down too...6 Nov
Are you the fellow that Dave Seat told...8 Oct
Type high bearers inside the chase are...2 Oct
I'm not any sort of engineer and I'm...29 Aug
What is a C&P windmill?21 May
I have two sizes of Rafia Initials but...27 Apr
Steve, Where do you see a throwoff?21 Apr
I like my New Champions. They're light...20 Apr
Where, oh where?28 Feb
Your press could be a "Last and Best"...18 Feb
New Champion presses were marketed by...15 Feb
Looks to me like a New Champion by A....14 Feb
Oh, OK Dan, now that you point it out...31 Oct
And . . . it has no throw-off (that I...31 Oct
Uline16 Oct
What brand of cutter is this. Most old...3 Oct
Your grippers are not under the bed...23 Sep
Hamilton was in TWO Rivers, WI....6 Jun
I just stick a candle in the k box.20 Apr
It is indeed a Curtis & Mitchell...27 Feb
Are these type metal or something light...7 Jan
Todd's Press Time made rollers and...8 Nov