Equipment in Philadelphia

As usual, this information reaches us much too late, the auction was today (Aug. 19) However, I’m told that much of this equipment did not sell and is still available. It’s located in Glenside, just outside of Philadelphia.

John Horn

Please let John know that my brother’s auction company is handling the disposal of the contents of a printing company in Philadelphia. Here is a link to the website where he can see images

Here are some of the available items:
30.5 Challenge paper cutter (extra knives) S.N. 22329; 10 x 15 Chandler hand feed; Jogger; 10 x 15 Multi-chain S.N. 521760; Power R. Folder S.N. PFA 318 w/Accu-counter, 12 x 18 2 color head multi offset, 380-114, S. N. 314359-A; AB Dick 360; AB Dick 8810; Super Model Thermo – O-Type; 10 x 15 Heidleberg letter press platen – S.N. T151151E; Line O Type w/ magaziners; Climax Champion paper drill, one hole, S.N. AH-4; Baum 3 hole punch; Latham stitcher S.N. 11726; Bostitch stitcher; Sterling “Round – Corner” foot machine; Ludlow – 22.5 Slug – Electric S.N. 7255 w/cabinets, mats, sticks; Melting pot; Hamilton Kaster; Colight Ligth table, 28 x 30.5; California type cases; Nuarc plate maker, 28 x 32 w/bulbs; Itex – Graphitek 430 camera, S.N. 719, 12 x 18; Gallies; molds, current & vintage tools & parts; vintage advertising proofs; stationary & vintage Promos; antique fire buckets, scales, dispensers, signs; file cabinets, office furniture, oak, crates, carts, dollies, shelving, fans, chairs, small Yale floor safe.

If John, or any of his friends, have any interest they can call Alan at 215.783.0218.

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