What Typeface is this?

Hello everyone. I was sorting out a few disorganized and dirty drawers and found two fonts of this typeface. What am I looking at, anyone have any clues? I’d say it looks to be made in early 20th century?

image: type.JPG


image: type2.JPG


image: type3.JPG


image: type4.JPG


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Looks like Phantom, created in the 60’s by Casper the friendly ghost.

Very funny Sharecropper. Any ideas now that the images are up? I’d love to know what this is.

Also, are the alternate M’s part of this typeface, or is this another M mixed in? I know that’s this happens occasionally, but wondered if there was any way to tell for certain.

Newport, designed by Willard T. Sniffin for ATF in 1932. There is a lower case for this typeface.

Thank you so much John! Where do you get your information from? I’m looking for some books to aid in typeface identification.

“American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century” Mac McGrew, 1993, Oak Knoll Books. Get the second edition. If you work with type, you must have this book. You must also read it from cover to cover.

That rounded “M” looks like Huxley and does not belong with this type face. I second McGrew.

If you’ll consult your copy of McGrew you’ll see that this typeface has an alternate “M” as well as an alternate “W.”

Thanks John, I’ll get a copy.

One other book that might be of use, perhaps particularly to
the ‘rest of the world’, is ”The Encyclopaedia of Typefaces” by Berry & Johnson ( and in later editions also by Mr
W P Jaspert ) I have used it all my adult life.

Thank you harrildplaten, I will find that as well. Much appreciated.

Thank you,John and harrildplaten, I’ve been relying on what the font.com and the downloaded m&h catalog to identify type. I will look for the books mentioned!