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Could be a low spot on the plate or...5 May
Here is the cleaning procedure from a...4 May
For pagination you need to know the...26 Apr
Attached is a page from the Kluge...19 Apr
There is a lever near the top of the...18 Apr
Rib Tip- your local library probably...3 Feb
File name cannot contain spaces or...17 Dec
Brake pad on mine is leather 12 Dec
If you can’t find a kit you can make...20 Sep
If you’re printing on quality bags...14 Aug
Paper bags have folds and seams, so you...14 Aug
Double post deleted 2 Apr
Try using an offset press blanket or a...2 Apr
My Line- O-Scribe is the same model....2 Mar
An offset press blanket will help. The...26 Feb
Metal backed polymer plates are used...28 Jan
Have you tried punching waxed paper?...25 Jan
I have had some success with a generous...2 Jan
Blind print (no ink) then use the...16 Oct
Next time I’m in my shop I’ll take...14 May
Looks like you are running the press...9 May
Here’s a laborious way that I have...13 Feb
It’s not hard to take apart. Take...6 Dec
My 1422 looks like the picture from...4 Dec
logosgraphics.net for film or plates....27 Nov
Mine is wired 110. There was a...26 Nov
For minor plate and type repair I have...23 Oct
If “backlash” means the back guide...15 Oct
Learn to print properly on bond. When...21 May
You can change the color with image...9 Feb
A piece of perf, score or cutting rule...8 Jan
Looks like my 19-1/2 cutter. It's worth...29 Aug
Bruce cpd, The other end of your rider...15 Aug
I think it's a little of both - they...15 Aug
They took advantage of you. Give them...15 Aug
I recommend you buy one from ericm. The...6 Aug
Go to ginifab.com and enter your CMYK...6 Aug
print oversize, then die cut on the...25 Jul
I personally prefer the older 360 over...29 Jun
Aaron, what kind of work do you plan to...28 Jun