Static electricity

Static electricity, anyone who has an idea how to reduce the problems when working on a Heidelberg 15/20 paper passed through a digital machine (for example, sticker paper made of polyethylene)

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Try increasing the humidity near the press and sometimes hang little strips of tinsel from the paper stack to a metal part of the feeder

Anti-static tinsel is available from many suppliers online. For best results, ground it.
I’ve also used aerosol anti-static spray on the feedboard, which seemed to be silicon.

Anti static dryer sheets sometimes work. Attach one over the feed pile in contact with the paper and just out of reach of the suckers. The paper rubs against the dryer sheet as it feeds. It worked on an AB Dick, hopefully it works for you.

In my mis-spent youth, I have more than once had a substantial jolt of static, touching a press mainframe. And on a visit to a paper mill, just as the reel is about to be removed from the drying end, one can see considerable miniature bolts of ;lightning from the outer (still just revolving) reel surface and the floor about two inches away! Its a reel effect folks, not fable. Like they said above christmas tinsel is handy, better yet get the paper properly conditioned. 65 Rh at 65 degrees is about right for Europe unless you have air conditioning. .

Here’s some. Get it, it works.

Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press (Kentucky)

Thank you winfred , how you use this in the Heidelberg windmill ?

NPI On the feeder. All it needs to do is let it touch across the paper as it is pulled out of the feeder. Cross ways.