Stariting Windmill

I just got electricity to my Windmill. I turn the clutch handle on the left to start the press and twist. The pawl that sets on the rest won’t stay. The rest moves up causing y]the clutch to disengage. Is there an adjustment?

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Make sure the handle has not rotated past the catch. The catch should slide just inside the column and you can turn it a feel the catch run along the underside of the column. When starting, turn the handle clockwise a little while pushing out and counterclockwise a little while coming back in. The idea is to just catch the pawl tip and edge. Think of the pawl coming into the rest at 3:30 - 4:30 using a clock . Under rotate and it will miss and go back in the shaft, over rotate it will catch but then pop off. It is like a bike kickstand. You want the load below 3:00. Make sure there is not a lot of oil in that area. It is not the smartest design but after a while you get used to it. You may still need to adjust the clutch but start with the simple things first.

Not sure how well you know the windmill so apologies if this is too basic. Make sure the chrome sheet feed knob is pulled out. It the press still trips check and adjust the thin paper trip to see if you can get it to run without tripping. Then you can adjust it more finely when its up and running

Good point Frank. Is the press tripping off while feeding paper or just stopping while idling prior to engaging the feed?

It is not feeding paper, just idling.

I already answered him privately like I have done for the last 15 years or so , the Tiegel seems to be straight Feed as far as electric is concerned, where doesn’t seem to be the needed magnetic switch involved.

With the power turned OFF move around to the end and see how the pawl works against the rest point. I had the same issue as you and thought I needed the system repaired. I ended up cleaning the the face of the pawl the rest point. Once I saw how it worked I realize it was me not the system. To be honest it is kind of a weak idea, I was surprised they did not use more of lipped catch guide instead of a flat piece. The idea is to get half of the pawl in contact with the rest point. At one point I did play with the idea of taping a piece of wet dry sand paper to the rest point using the tape I mount plates with to increase the friction point.

Is it wired correctly? I saw one running backwards and it wouldn’t feed. Fixed the wiring so it ran forward solved it.

Is this a new install ?
check to see if bowden cable coming from front guard is releasing the catch, it might have gotten stretched or kinked during move. Lift front guard and watch to see that it moves the lever on opposite side of the catch mechanism.