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I used the counter mix from NA Graphics...19 Nov
Thanks ericm. The dies are sharp but a...17 Nov
Good ideas. Our issue is same area's...14 Nov
Thank You11 Nov
bppayne - what and where is the suction...10 Nov
You can use tack reducer. A little can...8 Nov
You have good answers above. It does...2 Nov
I see what looks like shift when the...23 Oct
cool video. Next time you shoot one...23 Oct
P.S. first ericm makes a good point....22 Oct
You mention sheet steadiers and I am...21 Oct
First take a marker and mark the...19 Oct
First of all, what the other guys said...16 Oct
Have the ink mixed for you. That color...14 Oct
Thanks for the feedback. I will double...5 Oct
If you are not running to guides be...20 Sep
Good points made. There is no need to...11 Sep
In hast you don't want to ruin a good...11 Sep
USPS can loose things but over time...8 Sep
With letterpress you are generally...18 Aug
I forgot to mention, some press washes...17 Aug
Another tip we use is to add some of...17 Aug
Dito to what the other guys have said....16 Aug
Hope you fixed your issue. I don't have...13 Aug
It is important to make sure the base...7 Aug
I dont see a picture? Turn the air knob...4 Aug
You can try Bijan but I am not sure if...4 Aug
Thanks for the feedback. Our Matrix is...3 Aug
The screw should not be able to hit the...29 Jul
Not sure but there may be 2 bolts along...28 Jul
http://www.briarpress.org/17238. I...26 Jul
ditto to ericm If the mark is a crush...24 Jul
First, get a new electrician. I have...23 Jul
I buy precut rubber strips and my dies...22 Jul
I use Kano AeroKroil Penetrating Oil...20 Jul
Typo - A short blade does NOT cut as...9 Jul
I agree LA Grinding is the way to go. I...8 Jul
Gans Ink makes a Snow White Opaque ink...3 Jul
I would talk to where you are getting...16 Jun
Thank you, I thought maybe I missed...1 Jun