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Gripper Bar Springs18 May 19
Windmill gripper bars16 May 19
Registration15 May 19
Die cutting plastic3 Apr 19
Metal die tape30 Mar 19
Foil cutter17 Mar 19
Shear Collar10 Mar 19
Moisture and Impression5 Mar 19
New base and packing2 Mar 19
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I did try putting a shim in and in the...17 May
Thanks all for the feed back. The...16 May
Well the grippers came with the press 5...16 May
We cant flip the paper over, the under...15 May
You might try cutting a 2-3 inch tall...10 May
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It might help to know where you are...28 Apr
JDW - Normally the platen is covered by...19 Apr
Heidelberg made a product called...15 Apr
Never heard of Vevor. Polar would be...12 Apr
I don't see a guide on the right side...5 Apr
This sounded like a longer run. We do...5 Apr
Thanks for the feed back. It does...4 Apr
We had the same issue a few months...4 Apr
Thank you all for the feed back. This...4 Apr
Thanks for the feed back. I wanted to...4 Apr
We will check with our die makers. We...3 Apr
The dies are rubbered side ejecting...31 Mar
I forgot to mention - I did backup the...31 Mar
bppayne - thanks for the feedback. I...31 Mar
You say picking up to deep which does...27 Mar
I have always wondered when the frisket...25 Mar
Make sure your your head guide is not...25 Mar
We replaced the shear collar and have...21 Mar
We replaced the shear collar and have...21 Mar
Thanks ericm and Dennis, this was...19 Mar
Hi ericm, Most of our foil is cut for...19 Mar
Enriquevw - Thanks for the feed back....17 Mar
WOW - BIG THANKS (screaming thank you...11 Mar
I was just on your site yesterday...11 Mar
I thought for sure the collar might be...10 Mar
We pulled the old shear collar today....10 Mar
bppayn, thanks for the feedback about...6 Mar
We have not had a noticeable change in...6 Mar
Frank - I also ran a Miehle V50 in the...3 Mar
I have always used caliper rather than...3 Mar
Frank - thanks for feed back - Base...3 Mar
ericm - thank you for the feedback. We...2 Mar
Good Morning, What part of California...28 Feb