Deep Relief base

I thought a deep relief base and plate were not used on windmills. I run a windball using a standard base and standard photopolymer plates. I have a client that wants a deep hit on a 40pt lettra which includes a visable back bruise. Even though a get a good hit the standard plate it bottoms out before pressing the sheet out of the backside. I think the only way to get a deeper hit is a deep relief plate on a deep relief base. I assume this would still be at type high. I am wondering if anyone is doing this on a windmill. I would only use it for 40pt Lettra for the sole purpose of a deeper than normal hit. The math works it just seems a little crazy.

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Here in the UK bases are available for 0.95 and 1.52 polymer plates, so assume that someone is doing deep hit. I use both but mount the polymers on metal shim for clipping on to honeycombe base.
Being old school I try to avoid impression as much as possible.