Windmill ink drum maintenance and replacement

Hi everyone,

Need help for Heidelberg Windmill 10x15.
After one month in humid season without usage, the main ink drum (inking cylinder) on my Windmill 10x15 got spotty rust. Trying to remove the rust by vinegar, but vinegar not only remove the rust but also the glossy, silver coating on ink drum.
Would this influence the printing job?
Possible to recover the glossy coating?
Can somebody tell me how to disassemble and replace ink drum if I have to replace a new one?

image: 20220319_173342-1024.jpg


image: 20220319_173348-1024.jpg


image: 20220319_173401-1024.jpg


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Hmmm. never seen that. Maybe mineral spirits and a super fine “steel wool”, or sctotch brite pad?can’t be;lieve vinager would remove a chrome layer. either way you would want spirits on there now to preserve bare metal.

Pretty strong vinegar! We have used weak vinegar and lemon juice to good effect. What I think this is, is that the chrome plating has been corrupted by the rust, and is therefore, kaput in these areas. If storing a press for a long period, one should lightly coat all exposed areas of bare metal and plated areas with a thin coat of petroleum jelly; this saves issues.

Ya, Looks like someone at some point used “Navel Jelly” or similar to clean rust previous. Navel Jelly should NOT be used on chrome. Just have to live with it now. As far as replacing the drum, That sounds like quite a project. See how it inks the way it is first.

Right! Naval Jelly should not be applied to plated objects. Navel jelly should only be applied to one’s umbilicus!

After years of running waterbased ink, my ink drum has lost much of its ‘shine’. As long as your drum is clean you should have no problem.

Yikes! Navel Jelly on your “Umbilicus”??? Now THAT would keep you from getting to close to your press…

I agree with bppayne you should have no difficulty inking. It may be a bit more difficult to washup colors if you are switching from dark ink to light, but that’s often a difficulty with most presses. The chrome plating might just make that aspect a bit easier.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for the helpful response.
I have never used Navel Jelly but only food vinegar covering on the surface for couple hours for rust, then the chrome plating was dissolved.

I may replace it soon or later for better whatup performance. Anyone tried replacing this main inking drum can share experience with me would be appreciated. Would there be difference on inking drum specification from year to year of production? My press was from 1972.

Chrome can develop stains that are water soluble. I get this on my regular printing press. It does not clean off with solvent but cleans off with hot water and some rubbing with a rag. As the rag build up rinse and repeat. I know this does not make sense but is worth a try.