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Good eye Dave. I remember an APA member...17 Apr
Bob is correct, a matte-surface coated...14 Apr
It is a Model M, one of the later...10 Apr
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I generally stack the type with the...18 Mar
I believe I would agree with Geoffrey...11 Mar
I believe I would agree with Geoffrey...11 Mar
I've never seen these with the markings...7 Mar
Your inclination is correct, high...6 Mar
The press is either a 10x15 or a 12x18....3 Mar
There are usually electric motor repair...25 Feb
You have to remember that the Boxcar...22 Feb
Mick: You need to take the height of...21 Feb
Rather than the actual length of the...17 Feb
I should have added, if they...6 Feb
Did the carriage continue to roll, even...6 Feb
Spray silicone will work, but be very...25 Jan
I would say that putting a cylinder...13 Jan
There are lots of polyethylene storage...5 Jan
You must make certain (on a platen...2 Jan
Fritz at NA Graphics had a stock of...27 Dec
It looks like a Model 5 Little Giant....16 Dec
Duplicate post9 Dec
Are your rollers in Good shape and set...9 Dec
That stop determines the length of the...9 Dec
Nice work!8 Dec
From my college class “Ink & Paper”...4 Dec
I’m not certain I see anything in the...27 Nov
Do let us know. As I indicated on Sept....25 Nov
Oops, duplicate post25 Nov
There was reverse type made to print by...24 Nov
The following link will take you to the...21 Nov
You must charge what your time is...26 Oct
This looks like a screen printing...17 Oct
A stencil might work for glue...15 Oct
Good to hear from you on Briar Press...4 Oct
Steve: Normally I would agree with...30 Sep
Certainly ragged right copy can be done...29 Sep