kluge vs heidelberg Gt

Hello everyone, I have a question that I very much hope there is someone here who can answer it from the experience he has, well what is better to purchase if I already have one 10x15 machine and I want a larger format ?? Thanks

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The 12 x 18 C&P is a good machine. Even better with a Kluge feeder. What are you used to running?
I had a 13 x 18 GTP, it was OK, but the sheet whipped around too much.

I owned a 12x18 Craftsman C&P with a Kluge feeder, and found it easier to feed heavier materials in register than on the Windmill. The straight-forward feeding mechanism (pun intended) was great. The ability to swing the feeder out of the way for makeready is also a benefit of the Kluge feed. The Inking (more form rollers) was also better when running heavy coverage.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

The kluge has a better system to hold the sheet down after impression to help seperate from the form. This is beneficial to either large area ink or foil. The kluge prob has more impressional strength and when parts are in decent shape, they register phenominally. The heidi is faster. AND I have a 12x18 kluge for sale. either a die cutter only, or a foil, inker, and die cutter. i am in milwaukee wis.