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With my experience using type and ink...17 Apr
for anything under a 100# text, i find...14 Apr
i googled your machine and several...14 Apr
hard to see, but, don't those plates...2 Apr
go to your local hardware store and get...29 Mar
the speed is available, but it depends...26 Mar
To add to Bowne's comments, i agree...25 Mar
if you want the "real deal" get in...23 Mar
old sailor? "Salty dog" ? here...21 Mar
i really think that today's oils and...17 Mar
the eyelet dies are set to a specific...16 Mar
maybe get "the pro" involved at this...14 Mar
what size are you looking for.13 Mar
after reviewing your pic further...12 Mar
Looking low to mid frame, just to the...11 Mar
the HVAC metal will be fine. you should...9 Mar
you need quoins and furniture? you need...9 Mar
i feel bad often in situations like...9 Mar
if you are running a "stiffer" card...9 Mar
check out shops that have...8 Mar
i have sold on there. the staff was...4 Mar
if you understand the make up of an...4 Mar
yes.26 Feb
no loose wire connections?21 Feb
contact controller manufacture first...21 Feb
as far as foiling over a "panel" or...21 Feb
it might be just as easy to update the...21 Feb
it is. the best way is 2 steps. work...21 Feb
is this the old mercury style? i have...19 Feb
nail? did you say fuse? lol. at some...18 Feb
make sure the impression lever goes to...16 Feb
if you can make the above suggestion...14 Feb
are you looking for "period...14 Feb
mick, tell me again about the "forest...29 Jan
i have found water based glues will...25 Jan
rolling them on a flat smooth surface...23 Jan
i would think just ordering the type...23 Jan
are you going to sell these?21 Jan
in a nutshell, kluge was buying C&P...18 Jan
depends if chipboard is recycled or...12 Jan