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That is a very complete kit used to...1 Dec
Each press is probably very old, so I...9 Oct
The "main gear" is the big one. The cam...30 Sep
you will need to remove both flywheels...13 Sep
keep it at 90. Use the separator as i...24 Aug
Personally, I love huge air...23 Aug
Can you email or message me you pics?...23 Aug
Try mounting it with the lever "up". It...8 Jul
That is definitely a gripper bar for...6 Jul
I agree with Frank on the steel idea....11 May
I will check on mine for clearance...10 May
No. My press does not have the crank...2 May
The EHF is a very dependable machine....1 May
Please post what the serial number of...29 Apr
If you went the plywood board route...28 Apr
It's messy, but you could try a spray...27 Apr
If a machine was to be shipped...25 Apr
even with bank checks or money orders...14 Apr
any pics would help, but it sounds like...13 Apr
This type of scam is common. usually...12 Apr
On any press, you want to try to...9 Apr
Your pics, even tho they make sense to...7 Apr
Be aware! most of the pins on...7 Apr
All I do is basic, inked crash...3 Apr
Are you supposed to use the die cutting...2 Apr
"smashed counters" I have a standing...27 Mar
Early laminating machine?Either thru...27 Mar
Jfitz, That is a common way to do it. I...24 Mar
Die makers are usually pretty good at...24 Mar
most people print against something....22 Mar
Precast, for the 40 bucks is well worth...22 Mar
The ink will "Skin over" as stated...21 Mar
Yikes! Navel Jelly on your...20 Mar
Ya, Looks like someone at some point...19 Mar
Hmmm. never seen that. Maybe mineral...19 Mar
dupicate11 Mar
ask the customer how they use the pads....11 Mar
If it is just a screw on a hole, you...10 Mar
You can try adding a sheet or 2 of what...7 Mar
You can expect a roller to run out to...6 Mar