mid 70’s Triumph Paper Cutter switch

i am looking for a source for the “I, O, II” switch on an older Triumph “Ideal/Forte 46/e paper cutter. i understand that this machine is too old to get parts, but prob too new for this forum, but, we are really out of options so i thought i would reach out. thx for considering.

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From your I,O,II description, the switch appears to have two “on” positions and a center off position. Looking on line at a picture of your cutter, I think it is a rotary switch. Next step would be to take some detailed pictures of the back of the switch where the wires come out and post it. Then we could gain more information about what kind of a generic switch you might use to replace it.

Also looking on line, I think your builders plate says the cutter draws 12 amps, so we would have to find a switch rated for more than that, to give a factor of safety.

The one referenced below might work, or certain of the other ones shown above that listing, but until we get more information about your switch, (how many wires are coming out of it, for one thing), we won’t know.


My comments are just a general guideline to show you that a switch can be found, and is in fact probably a rather common switch. Whether this one will work for your cutter or not, I have no idea.

An electrician could probably source one locally and install it for you, which would be the approach I recommend.

P.S. Wiring diagrams are sometimes attached inside machines, and if yours has one inside, that would help to narrow down what you need.