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The saddle is a good idea. It does the...28 Jun
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The method above is basically what I do...4 May
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The process is called copyfitting. I...26 Apr
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For hard packing we traditionally use...10 Apr
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At the pioneer village where I...30 Mar
If there was some oil pooling on top...10 Mar
My long-time view on this is that the...10 Mar
Deleted....duplicate post.10 Mar
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On a different but related note...7 Jan
As an old-timer (75), I would rather...7 Jan
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Also, as with any press (or machine for...14 Dec
If you are handy you might be able to...4 Dec
When I was young and worked in the...30 Nov
Frank and gachap, thanks for your...27 Nov
Frank, this reminds me of another thing...25 Nov
Frank, thanks for your comments. To...24 Nov
Thanks for the feedback. I'm not...23 Nov
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A solution of about 2/3 vinegar and 1/3...17 Nov