Washout brushes replacement

Hello everyone,
I want to replace the brushes of a photopolymer development unit.
10 years ago I replaced them, the brushes I purchased at that time were one meter long and I then sawed them so that they fit in the machine.
My supplier of polymer plates works with the company Polysale in Germany. They recommend a plush instead of brushes. The newer photopolymer developing devices have an oscillating effect and automatically adjust to the height of the plate. My machine doesn’t have this function so I’m looking specific for brushes. Can someone help me? Our printing company is located in Belgium, Europe. In the meantime I have 6 fellow printers who are saddled with the same problem :) so we can order a whole box.
Thank you very much!

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You could try Williamson Printing Materials in Ontario, Canada. They sell photopolymer plate development units and I’m sure they can get parts also. You would have to know the make and model of the machines you are ordering brushes for. Also the dimensions of the brushes would probably help.


Hope this helps. Good luck.