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Hello to group.
Wondering what weight pad backs everyone is using now? I like a heavy weight but prices are getting so high now. What point size are you using?

Thank you and good day.
Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press

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I am using 26pt. chipboard

You can use the cheaper stuff and make sure you cut it so the grain is long on the pads. That way the pad doesn’t flop. It seems thicker that way.

Hello. I use chipboard. I use 40 pt. & 26pt. Where you located?

Much interested to see you folks over in the USA using points to express thickness of boards. Logical. But here in the UK the grey coloured board (recycled paper mostly) used for pad backs and much else, is usually described by its gsm. Solid board for cartons likewise. For the historical record what our bookbinders used to use - a very hard brown material we called millboard had the most wonderful antique names like ‘Pott” ‘Middle’ and ‘Thinsl’ all of which referred to thickness not size. Our paper sizes also had lovely names pre-metrication and ghosts of these sizes - with - lightly adjusted names - are still used over there I believe.


As I’m sure you know, when we in North America use points to specify board thickness, as well as the thickness of other paper grades, that “point” is one thousandth of an inch. It is not the same as the “point” which we measure type and spacing by, which of course is .0138 inch.

Thank you Geoffrey,I didn’t know, I was way off, fourteen times or so thereabouts! apologies, regards and stay safe out there.

Thanks everyone. I’m using 30 point. Just curious what everyone else was using.

Winfred Reed
Black Diamond Press (Kentucky)

ask the customer how they use the pads. IE: if they just use them on a desk, then a thinner board would work. If however they walk around with them to take notes in hand, a heavier board would help. Again make the grain vertical if possible.