H.D. Rouse Slug Cutter

I am wondering about adjusting or fine tuning my slug cutter. For example, if the lock plate is set at 25 picas, should the resulting slug be exactly twenty-five picas or slightly less? And if less, how does the metal place held in place by two screws come into play?

Can anyone recommend a good YouTube tutorial or other resource for getting used to the intricacies of this tool?

Thank you.

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I’m assuming you are referring to the hand held H. B. Rouse slug clipper (I think is what Rouse called it). I think it was originally intended to cut linecasting slugs, but that is neither here nor there. I have never taken mine apart, but rather doubt whether there is any fine adjustment on it.

Here is what I do with mine: after setting it to the desired measure, I apply finger pressure to push the adjustable stop toward the cutter knife so any slack will be taken up to make the slug slightly shorter.

In your case, I would first see how accurate yours is currently. I would take a piece of metal furniture, several big M quads, or something that you know is cut accurately, and put it (them) in a composing stick which is set to the same measure, to be sure your composing stick is accurate.

Then I would set the slug cutter to that measure and cut a lead or slug with it. Then take that cut slug and put it in the composing stick. If it fits snugly, you are good.

Hopefully your cutter will be reasonably accurate.