Skyline is excellent

I received my first order of metal type (sorts and complete fonts) from Skyline. Everything about it is excellent. The quality, the packaging, the service. Meticulous seems the right word. And in typefounding, meticulousness seems the right approach.

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Yep, Sky is a pro.

I’ve been buying from Sky since his beginning in business (or close to it), and am so glad that he is here to run a top quality foundry furnishing top quality type for us. The letterpress community owes him a huge debt of gratitude. Sky also gives back to the craft through his many educational activities.

Agreed- very clean type from Skyline. Nicely cast, well packed and promptly shipped. Hoping those out of stock sizes of Neuland will be recast soon!


Thank you all for the kind words! We do our very best and appreciate the feedback.

P.S. Neuland 18 is now back in stock.

Not only is Skyline a very professional organization and great at its craft, but its owner is a first class gentleman. Where else these days do you get this king of personal reply and humble response?