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The Payson Library at Pepperdine has...12 Oct
If memory serves correctly, there is a...6 Sep
Your press has the bottom gear and even...12 Aug
I think we need some pictures!3 Aug
I think we need some pictures!3 Aug
If the block is getting filled up, I...10 Mar
The critical adjustment is the gap...4 Mar
Kelsey had a bunch of pivotal casters....26 Feb
This doesn't appear to be a printer's...16 Feb
Springtide Press has some coated...7 Feb
CJ Dunn, a graduate of the [email protected]4 Feb
Amgreqcorp- do you have your inventory...18 Dec
Mark Barbour, 1844 E. Walnut Ave...17 Dec
HavenPress- Did you ever get to...26 Nov
If you can convince him to travel from...22 Nov
Everything I have ordered through the...12 Nov
These other KSBAs have been listed on...10 Oct
Assuming the inking unit hasn't been...10 Oct
Perry Tymeson of Suitcase Press is...6 Oct
Yes- what Rippeon said! I’ve had the...1 Sep
It is there- you need to scroll past...26 Aug
Paul Moxon showed me some pictures of...7 Jul
Hello, I have one spare of that chase...5 May
I'm very sorry to hear this. Steve has...2 May
Make sure that the little plungers that...27 Apr
Asheville Bookworks could be a good...20 Apr
Very cool. The original building was...19 Apr
I wouldn't be afraid that a reputable...9 Apr
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