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Yes- what Rippeon said! I’ve had the...1 Sep
It is there- you need to scroll past...26 Aug
Paul Moxon showed me some pictures of...7 Jul
Hello, I have one spare of that chase...5 May
I'm very sorry to hear this. Steve has...2 May
Make sure that the little plungers that...27 Apr
Asheville Bookworks could be a good...20 Apr
Very cool. The original building was...19 Apr
I wouldn't be afraid that a reputable...9 Apr
You are speaking of Paul Peter Piech....28 Mar
I agree with Bowerbox- you likely need...19 Mar
Some people set the roller's...17 Mar
I would inspect the wires at the bottom...7 Feb
Jenncatte- I'd be happy to show you...20 Dec
The powered Universal I would be an...20 Dec
You might try asking the Mimeograph...7 Dec
If a person prints from photopolymer...3 Dec
Hello Steve, I have used Pedowitz...2 Nov
What is missing is the toggle and pins....1 Nov
At the Dale Guild, Theo had a tiny...26 Oct
2001fred- we use offset blanket mounted...11 Oct
They look like dusty rubber rollers to...5 Oct
That's the same wrench mine came with. 2 Oct
I imagine John sold this long ago, but...15 Sep
I don't have any hands-on experience...7 Sep
It is possible that in remaking the...23 Aug
You might want to contact Greg Timko....11 Aug
It looks like there is a lot of...10 Aug
Very cool!22 Jul
A Uni III is too much weight for a...22 Jul
If any here are not aware of the scope...20 Jul
The tower comes off quite easily. You...11 Jul
If you find that the top sheet is...6 Jul
This may be of use....1 Jul
You're already getting some good advice...31 May
Dave is dead on- they are Inland.6 May
No dust jacket and a coffee stain, but...15 Mar