Van Son Rubine Red - It’s ALIVE!!!

Has anyone else had issues with recently purchased Van Son rubine red just not staying in the can? Every can of rubine red in our shop is seeping out around the edges of the lid regardless of whether it has been opened or not. It continues when it is on the shelf and runs down the shelf onto other cans. It’s a bloodbath!

I wonder if the formula has been changed or if it is simply haunted ink…


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YES!!! I ordered in some for our college studio a month or so ago and it was already leaking in the box! It continues to seep on the shelf, even after I’ve totally cleaned the can. I tried sealing it with a waxed ink skin to no avail…

…..I’m reminded the lyrics of that song…”I was working in the lab late one night / When my eyes beheld an eerie sight / For my monster from his slab began to rise / And suddenly to my surprise”…….some kind of voodoo zombie thing going on here maybe……

How weird…. YES, we have the same issue! I feel like a fisherman constantly washing his hands to get rid of the fish smell. I am constantly cleaning the can and lid.

@ The Arm.. plz stop listing wood type on ebay. My wife is keeping a close eye on my paypal account and you are going to get me in serious trouble.

It does look a little haunted…

image: Haunted ink

Haunted ink

Stop complaining, you guys will never have to buy Rubine again. if it grows too much you could sell a couple of pounds???

I’m so glad it isn’t just me! Any theories on what is causing this?!


I bought a can a month ago and it seems pretty tame.. maybe I should look again.. carefully

Its the ink manufacturer getting even for fizzy coke !!

Some matching music to play would be the sorcerer’s apprentice. Don’t remember seeing tins of ink in the Disney cartoon.

Yup me too! As well as a very active can of pms 226.

Bought one from van son. Complained. Never heard back. Made such a mess I just trashed it. Bought another but this time via boxcar because I was ordering other stuff. It was also a mess. Figured there’s just something to the ink! A total nightmare. You try to stay tidy but with just this one can I feel like a kid making a mess.

Just took 4 or 5 cartons of ink from a shop that was closing down, when I got home on that hot day with temps in the 90 degree area I found out one carton flipped over onto another carton of ink, a few cans opened up and most of the hot ink ran all over the place, made for a colorful pickup truck bed.

This is hilarious. I wonder why it’s just that one color. Would it make sense to put it in two different containers or does it just keep growing?

We also had a similar thing happen to our Rubine Red. A recent order of a few different cans arrived with everything COVERED in Rubine Red. Everything cleaned up eventually and there hasn’t been any issues with it since. I had just assumed it had been jostled loose and leaked during transit, now I wonder if it was something else entirely.

Maybe if it were yeast, but this is ink!!! Does anyone know if this is still happening, or is it safe to order Rubine now? I would like to throw these messy cans away.