Van Son Rubber Base Opaque White

Has anyone had issues with Van Son’s opaque white lately? I’ve recently purchased two cans and they’re acting noticeably different than the rubber base opaque white ink I’ve used in the past.

They’re almost like oil base ink. It skins after a day and dries on press overnight. The labels are are also different than older cans of Van Sons. They look a little cheaper.

I’ve purchased from two different suppliers. One local supplier here in Dallas, and from Boxcar Press.

Anyone else experiencing this?

image: ow1.jpg


image: ow2.jpg


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I think somehow your cans are mislabeled. All I can think of. I use it a lot on every job (that and transparent white) that calls for colour as I mix a lot. Never seen this at all.

Yeah, it’s odd. It smells like rubber ink though, not oil.

Boxcar just sent all of their inventory back to Van Son. I’m working with Van Son to get my cans replaced. It’s definitely a bad batch of opaque white.

you might jump ship on Van Son for their opaque white anyway, and try Graphic Chemical’s “Blockprint Opaque White”.

oil based, I’ve found it provides better opacity and brightness on absorption than the VSOW. I’ve actually meant to try VSOW in an oil base to see if the vehicle was the difference between good and not so. It seems you don’t like it, so maybe not.