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set the height and air blast and oil...8 Aug
set the height and air blast and oil...8 Aug
I would say its an Old style Chandler...27 Jan
Caslon. I currently have Ellis evans...22 Dec
Ahh just saw it Chandler and Price....22 Dec
What press is this. Looks pretty good...22 Dec
Picking. Paper picking. This will...28 May
I always have two clamped top sheets. I...9 May
look, don't forget its meant to be...3 May
With mine same size on a wooden base of...3 May
We took ours through vertically from...4 Apr
Mike from Montana is spot on. Sharp...3 Apr
Yep. Read the manual, make sure...23 Mar
Steve for most of my dealings, in fact...18 Mar
AdamBowlin I must say I had a terrible...17 Mar
I use Manilla file folder and a few...17 Mar
Yes I've used pinch bars and then my...15 Mar
Look, with ink mixing, opaque white is...7 Mar
Here I am in Australia. In Sydney...20 Jan
This is a great little press. 25 Dec
I have always run two. It depends of...3 Dec
A little bit every time you use it....11 Nov
Sounds good Mick14 Oct
Thats an amazing site 4 Oct
Thats a beautiful job. So well done....3 Oct
I've read all before me, And I'm...8 Sep
I've read all before me, And I'm...8 Sep
I made one using wood and iron bars....27 Aug
We use ours for normal letterpress...25 Aug
Yes Sigwalt. thats my vote. 27 Jul
I oiled that spot last time it came up...27 Jul
One further thing that happened to me....26 Jul
I would check the breakable shear...26 Jul
Good luck with the course. We need...24 Jul
dickg you are right. Compared to what...24 Jul
OK 1250 Offset. I am a letterpress...24 Jul
This is a bit tricky. i had a similar...24 Jul
I've got a stone/table similar to...12 Jul
Yes. its a Beautiful!12 Jul
All the above and try and get a pull...18 Jun