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Hi all
this one has got me stuck! literally. I’ve been slow;y working on this Ludlow 1950 model. It appears in very good condition. I heated the pot, set a line, and it cycled a few times and then stopped. The safety key had broken (and its my last one). I disconnected the crucible pump and raised the table. Using a 3” nail as a safety key I carefully back off and then moved forward again.When it reaches the position shown the nail snaps as I feel resistance. This occurs whether the machine is moved backwards or forwards. As the slide moves inwards it hits this point and I have a shorter nail. I clambered around all the cams and cant find a splash or sticking point. Has anyone any ideas on where I should be looking. I have removed the wiper to get a better image and to generally try to look down. Thanks

image: ludlowslide  01.jpg

ludlowslide 01.jpg

image: ludlowslide  02.jpg

ludlowslide 02.jpg

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I have removed the mould and the knife cleaned and re assembled It still sticks. Took the mould out and it worked. taking that as a clue rechecked and concluded that the slug holders (one on the right as I face the machine is too low. next I will remove the delivery slide and check everything. Does that sound like a problem solver or should I be thinking of checking the main slide height? I havent seen a working Ludlow for 40 years so I’m really not sure what a normal mechanism should look like. I do have the manuals though.When I flick them I do feel a spring there but its light.

Dear Denis,

I have A Ludlow Typecasting machine with 100 fonts including Palace Scipt, Coronet Light and Bold, ideal for wedding invitations and Christmas Cards, setting sticks, etc. which I am trying to sell and I was wondering if you were interested.

If you are would you please send me an email or you can contact me on 0438 774 380. The machine is in perfect working condition. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for myself. I do have sheering pins, mouthpiece wipers, etc.

Kind regards,

Mario Musco.

Jim Parrish use to make trips around the country fixing Ludlows but has retired, so Dave Seat from Hot Metal Services took over the route. I think the last post card I received was about 4 or 5 years ago and am not sure if he is still touring around. I’m sure his phone number is somewhere on this site. I think he can help you.
Good luck.

Thanks Mario but I may be too far away! I would be interested in the safety keys though which could be mailed easily enough. I’m in Tasmania Australia.
The interior is a sad sight but I’m cleaning everything up as I go. I think I have found the problem The two line holders on the delivery slide have small studs that limit the downward movement. One of these studs looks sheared - a fair while ago. This machine sat around in a guys garage for years and he gave it to me saying that its seized. I think this is why. I should be able to have the pin remnant drilled out and a new pin fitted. Then full steam ahead. Living in Tasmania which is south of Australia has its limitations regarding getting help or service. I dont know how many Ludlows were here. I heard of one being dumped recently by a printer who had been using it for rubber stamp making. There is one still in operation that I know of and another sitting in a shed unused. So, I am carefully cleaning and reassembling as I go. Does anyone have an idea about spare parts and where they may be purchased?
Thanks for your ideas.
Dennis W

Dave Seat travels all over the world.

Have you taken the plunger out of the pot?
Take out with the special T bar tool clean the plunger and carefully put back into the hot pot. I usualy empty quite a bit of the molten lead out of the pot first.
This is the cause of lots of troubles. Constant use of these machines is the secret much the same as Linotypes.