Typewriter and Engravers

Is there a source in the UK for either Typewriter or Engravers that anyone knows of, in the larger sizes (14/18/24)?


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I’m pretty certain that the various Typewriter faces were only made in a couple of sizes, normally 10pt and/or 12pt. We do have a few Typewriters in those sizes.

Not sure about Engravers – that would be Stephenson Blake (I think) and, even if it were cut in the sizes you want, can’t be cast at the moment.

Likewise, I’ve never seen any of the typewriter faces offered in older monotype catalogues above 12pt.

By ‘engravers’ do you mean Engravers’ Titling? Monotype series 147. This was available in 18 & 24pt, but I am afraid I don’t know anyone offering it at the moment. You could try Bryan Horsfall at Supertype, if you have not already done so, he may be able to help.


Thanks folks
I guess it makes sense that Typewriter, made to mimic a real typewriter might only be the same size :o)
Are there any other monospaced fonts (Courier?) still produced?

I’ll check with Bryan re Engravers Titling, thank you

I bought a very well cast font of 24 point Remington Typewriter from Quaker City Type Foundry about two years ago. Large typewriter faces were available from other foundries as well. ATF offered Bulletin Typewriter 491 which was a bit heavier than the Monotype version. One of the real downsides to McGrew’s book is his omission of typewriter faces (except for Bulletin because of it’s novelty).


We would normally hire display matrices (14pt and up) from the Type Archive – I can tell you that they don’t have series 147, unfortunately. I don’t personally know of anyone who might have them, but you could try Harry Macintosh too.

Depending on what you want to set, you might be better off having a plate made from your artwork.