Heidelberg Windmill Redball

I have just purchased and relocated a Heidelberg Windmill to my garage. I have downloaded the manual and now my first questions…1. What is the brand of oil and also grease recommended?
2. How do I best clean the surface rust off the main steel roller (see photo). 3. Given that the clutch is push and turn, does this mean it’s a 13x18? Lastly (:-) who am I kidding) any tips for purchasing new rubber rollers. Thanks in advance.

image: image.jpg


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The oil to use is Mobil DTE Extra Heavy. No grease required. Make sure you oil all cups and nipples (you’ll need the heidelberg oil gun if your press didn’t have one)

If it’s a “redball” then it’s a 10x15. The 13x18 (GTP) will have a impression handle not a ball.

Check with Todds Press Time or Ramco or Advanced Roller for new rollers.

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This will sound deliberately harsh:

Don’t even think about running or using the press. You obviously don’t have the first clue about what it is, how to use it, and how horribly wrong this could go.

Clearly its operational status is unknown; and as such, is to be regarded as dangerous to power-up (much less operate), until an experienced operator or technician has taken inspected it.

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Treadle platen : automobile
Motorized platen : Pickup truck with travel trailer
Windmill platen : Helicopter

I’d get some hands-on training from a windmill owner/teacher, and plan on attending the next APA Wayzgoose (traditional printer’s convention).

It does sound a little harsh. The windmill flying around deserves respect, but i think that they are easier to run than a Kluge, C&P with kluge feeder.

Yep. Read the manual, make sure impression is off and with the power off roll it over by the flywheel. This should give you a complete cycle, without problems. Just make sure the air suction is off or it will want to cut out. Do all the oiling thoroughly and then run it step back and make sure you never go near the grippers. Never point into the or near the press and don’t allow others to gesture with their arms.It would be perfect to get a printers assistance at that point. Locking up something to print has to be perfect and properly done. You can smash a press if that is not done right. Also take note that the press cannot really be rolled backwards. In the manual make sure you learn where the locking collar is located. Its the only way you can be released if you get caught. With mine, I like to have company in the studio when I print, and the old union rules specified that no employee printers is working in the shop alone. Makes sense. I love these presses. Take care of it. You have a treasure.

I would not run this press without a an operator or repairman checking it out first and you getting training.

This press will pop you like a grapefruit or slice you like a machete and keep running like nothing ever happened.

DANGEROUS! to the inexperienced.

Thank you for the expressions of concern, they are duly noted and Thanks for the tips. Will keep you posted in the days ahead.