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C&P handpress, Kluge, 19" cutter, 31" cutter 10 Sep 22
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Depending on location and ease of...31 Oct
all pieces, everything. 105 Rt 47...3 Apr
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Buying and selling is a whole different...1 Nov
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sometimes the hoses collapse or crack....23 Mar
It does sound a little harsh. The...23 Mar
what sort of pulley is on the main...7 Feb
In order to get the pinion gear off you...5 Feb
The key is to forget about the opinions...20 Jan
maybe i have now successfully attached...13 Jan
thanks to all. Cracked the gear...13 Jan
cracked it pulling it over tail end of...12 Jan
While I said that there was no money in...24 Oct
I started out setting up a letterpress...22 Oct
Thanks, great suggestion. I don't...16 Oct
send me an email, [email protected]1 Oct
I have a similar Gordon. I don't have...1 Oct
Kluge27 Aug
It's got to be a 700 mile round trip....27 Aug
Hiedelberg easier to set-up than C &...23 Jul
I found it on eBay. Large. Any idea...14 Jul
It is a C & P with a Kluge feeder, I...9 May
In 1962 while in the 8th grade we were...27 Mar
I am interested but need to look at...19 Feb
The handle on the right is for the...13 Feb
Can't weigh more than a ton or two....31 Jan
50 years ago I used one, and we just...15 Jan
I ran a windmill and a kluge for my dad...12 Jan
I ran a windmill and a kluge for my dad...12 Jan
The Sower Press was owned by my father...23 Dec