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I cracked the drive hear on a 10 x 15 new style. Any idea where i can get a replacement? It’s the small gear just inside the pulley that drives the large gear that runs all.

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You can probably source a replacement from a parts machine, but that can mean waiting an indeterminate amount of time.

Cracked as in completely broken, fractured, teeth broken off, or something else? Can you post a picture?

yes, please send some detailed pics… it may be repairable.
you can post them here, but send them to me…

You could try reaching out to Roger Tappy. I believe he is on here and should be able to help you out.

I see that you’ve posted a want-ad for a new pinion gear. Not interested in answering any questions?

cracked it pulling it over tail end of key. Unsure if it can be welded. One through and through crack and two little ones. Press in pretty good condition as far as wear, so i hate to see it partsed out.

Have you checked with Dave Churchman in Indianapolis? He has dealt a lot of C&Ps and know them well — and may have the gear from a parted-out press.


thanks to all. Cracked the gear pulling it off. My computer skills let me down as far as attaching photos. I may have just succeeded.

maybe i have now successfully attached photos. I can run a printing press but computer cues can baffle me.

That key is tapered. You must have had one monster of a puller to do that.