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It sure looks like a Sigwalt Ideal, but...16 Apr
I would think almost any dull-coated...14 Apr
Oh my goodness. I am working on a...11 Apr
Almost identical to mine, except for...20 Feb
Interested as well. I assume original...1 Feb
I have a number of PPP’s recorded in...1 Nov
Better than a “very good chance”!...29 Sep
That is a VERY early one. I believe...29 Sep
I don't recall the name of it but heavy...2 Aug
That may or may not be the same maker -...24 Jun
Just out of curiosity, where in Norway...21 Jun
You might have to make them, or have...21 Jun
I would say it is a Golding Official...19 Jun
Is there a spring connected with the...17 Jun
Sorry I used to have an American-made...16 Jun
Did you try spraying something like...15 Jun
Shniedewend & Lee was the original...15 Jun
I would greatly appreciate further...31 May
A summary of the worldwide census of...29 May
I have a set of 12 photographs of...25 May
I'm pretty sure it was intended as a...3 May
Electrotypes make a lot more sense than...28 Apr
The ATA Type Comparison Book shows...27 Apr
Bill is spot on. I would start by...19 Apr
Swamp Press Letter Foundry catalog 15...16 Apr
Inspect the upper main frame where the...1 Apr
It has features very similar to a...27 Mar
Careful spacing in a composing stick...22 Mar
Do you know what material the cut-out...20 Mar
That looks like a very close knock-off...19 Mar
My magnet is placed near the hub...12 Mar
I have a similar problem with my...11 Mar
That's where it was! Thanks, Heather....9 Mar
On another note, I'm still hoping for a...9 Mar
I just read about that. It's to improve...8 Mar
This is one of the hazards of deep...6 Mar
The only one I know of is in private...1 Mar
I would suggest a wood that is probably...26 Jan
The income from the font price will be...24 Jan
This was a major problem with the cast...24 Jan