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I suggest examining the exposed...20 Mar
If you are indeed a novice with platen...20 Mar
It is hard to tell from your photos --...17 Mar
It also looks in the first photo like...16 Mar
I'd suggest checking your local quality...8 Mar
Is that for the Pearl 3 or Pearl 11? I...8 Mar
There is another solution of sorts --...8 Mar
You will have the problem Inky pointed...8 Mar
Yes, if the trucks are that hard to get...7 Mar
I believe Ramco Roller in California...7 Mar
I think I see the problem -- and...7 Mar
You might try to contact Churchman in...5 Mar
The inner disc and the recess for it...5 Mar
I found the museum -- it's now hosted...26 Feb
The Golding Official, and the Sigwalt...26 Feb
It is neither -- The Young America...26 Feb
Check also to be sure the rollers turn...24 Feb
I also remember that at least one fine...24 Feb
I too like the adjustable lockup system...22 Feb
Also, if you would please send me the...22 Feb
Can you do me two favors -- tell me the...22 Feb
Thanks, Eric! You and Elizabeth are...17 Feb
Lovely looking press! I suspect that...16 Feb
Nothing was said about what kind of...12 Feb
It's been a periodic campaign to help...10 Feb
The most obvious way the ink disc could...10 Feb
You have three major considerations:...8 Feb
Unless those embossed images are tiny...7 Feb
It was nailed to a wood base, and it is...1 Feb
It looks like the press was set up for...28 Jan
Roller diameter, roller truck diameter...24 Jan
I use mineral spirits also, after years...22 Jan
I assume that the lower edge of the...15 Jan
You are probably going to break your...15 Jan
I enhanced the second photo but I can't...7 Jan
To clean the press I use pieces of...2 Jan
A quick addendum: If you can find...2 Jan
If you did not get roller cores and...2 Jan