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I believe Fram is correct about the...14 Jan
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Accidental double-tap29 Dec
Check the numeral one box too. Some...29 Dec
Technically it is a “copying...16 Dec
Here are a crude diagram for the C&P...14 Dec
A number of years ago Virginia...14 Dec
Roger, I have not tried alternatives. I...2 Nov
Gordon, where is the press? I would...31 Oct
John, I have had good luck with a heat...30 Oct
This is a similar-size modern wooden...30 Oct
This is a tabletop Albion on a special...30 Oct
I would give it a bath, after removing...12 Oct
I outlined the link in the previous...24 Sep
Here is the press closed. Note that the...24 Sep
Here is a side view of that side of my...23 Sep
If it has a round base and the bed...20 Sep
Alva B. Taylor had been R. Hoe &Co’s...17 Sep
Does the chase fit on the bed and lock...21 Aug
If by the “Boston principle” you...20 Aug
Tarbett & Fraser was a company in...8 Aug
Have you contacted the National...31 Jul
Freeman Craw was a designer for ATF...17 Jul
I have gathered quite a bit of...2 Jul
Doug, you don’t say where you are...15 Jun
You are very lucky to have gotten a...7 Jun
Found this: Proceedings - Volume 46 -...6 Jun
One other caution - depending on the...6 Jun
I realized after I posted that “EC”...6 Jun
Apologies for the double post! Bob6 Jun
That is a real rarity! I can not make...6 Jun
It looks like a simple modification...18 Apr
If you have the photo on a computer...6 Apr
I am looking at Joseph Moxon, Mechanick...2 Mar
What do you plan to use the press for?...26 Feb
Does the bed have corner irons, either...15 Jan
Linda, please send me a larger version...13 Jan
That’s probably the only “press...23 Dec
I can’t offer much additional value...10 Dec