Linotype and magazines

Hello, I posted an ad recently in the classified section of this website. I received little feedback. I get that linotypes are not a ‘hot’ item but I will hate having to scrap it. Even the mags and fonts drew no attention. If the Lino can be free to a good home and the rest at very reasonable prices does anyone have any suggestions? The one drawback I have is that the machine has to go through the standard front door so will need partial disassembly.
Thanks in advance.

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In your BP classified listing for this machine, you say it is a Model 18. If it is, then it is a quite rare machine. The Model 18 was essentially a two-magazine Model 5 (see the site for a brief description and date of first shipment). Does anyone know of any other surviving Model 18 machines? (The “Model 18” in the Museum of the Printing Arts in Leipzig, Germany, is a German Model 18, which is an entirely different machine.)

David M.

I am interested but need to look at what is involved in moving it. I have space for it. I will be in New Brunswick this Friday, probably, and could stop by in the afternoon if that works for you. My cell # is 609-501-2023. Steve Barry

I’m just curious, if you don’t mind me asking……where-a-bouts are you located?…….db

I am at 412 Bond St, in Asbury Park, New Jersey.
732-774-2624. Any calls or visits will be welcome.
I hope to sell other contents from my letterpress shop est. 1900 but need to deal with the lino first. Then there’s the million other things that make up a shop of this size and age. I think I’m too sentimental about this stuff for my own good.
Thanks for your interest.

Wow a linotype machine! I’m between Valley Forge and the Brandywine creek. I’ll call you tomorrow! John