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The showcard wood type that sits on the...18 Sep
Better to spend your money on a large...12 Sep
There is an Ayers Jardine (Adana)...24 Aug
Small roller proof type presses are...23 Aug
The usual upload problem aguilar is...22 Aug
I have a similar problem with a...18 Aug
Not a Star fly wheel , too light....9 Aug
As InkSprite wrote it is difficult to...28 Jun
Your pics seem to look ok from the...22 Jun
The paint would have been black with a...21 Jun
Not the place for you to have one of...19 Jun
Do not touch the bolts unless you...13 Jun
I forgot to add as well as measuring...6 Jun
Could be the runners. On the No 7 they...6 Jun
My first thought is insert a thin...6 Jun
It is a High Speed No 1, came out in...4 Jun
The problems arise when the other...1 Jun
When double siding you should only be...28 May
The company was in operation roughly...25 May
I use plain lining wall paper leftover...18 May
Setting small fonts by candlelight must...20 Apr
In the old days printers would have 3...15 Apr
Why not make your own? The difficult...9 Apr
It is the Salama Antiqua. The makers...8 Apr
From the book Holtzapffel's Apparatus...4 Apr
Having a very large counter weight I...18 Mar
Being alternate sheets the problem is...10 Mar
Looking at the video the table looks a...9 Mar
Is it April 1st already?20 Feb
For a number of screw chases the screws...9 Feb
I use old brown envelopes for the top...6 Feb
Plywood would work fine but I use a...6 Feb
It's only an old duplicator Mick , been...29 Jan
Don't touch the bolts, make a...16 Jan
One of these has appeared before on...7 Jan
If in the UK use White Spirit. There is...2 Jan
2 Jan
Thanks for posting your video. I keep...25 Dec
I found this picture of wooden chases...24 Dec
I always use 3-in-1 on Adana table...17 Dec