wooden type indentification

Does any of the Briar Press experts recognise this wooden type? There are no makers marks visible. the type is in the UK.
Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

image: woodtypesmall.jpg


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AKA Gothic Tuscan. Here’s a Wells & Webb specimen from a book in Stephen Saxe’s collection. And here’s a specimen of the Wm. H. Page’s larger version in T. J. Lyon’s catalog.

Generally, the design is known as Gothic Tuscan Condensed, in the US, but the type in question was from the UK and might have a different name, since it is an extra-condensed version.
Also, I printed that specimen book, showing Lyons’ wood type and it has some incorrect names. Some were corrected on my Flickr showing, but I would not use that specimen book as a reference for correct names..
Dave Greer

Very good to know, Dave. Thank you. And lovely to meet you!