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What condition? Where are you located?7 Jul
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Dave, Thanks for the ISBN number, I...16 Apr
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Foothill - it's yours! I'd rather it be...29 Mar
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There are two main ways to proceed in...4 Mar
By the way, one of the best resources...8 Feb
For the first part of your question -...8 Feb
I think the link should be...22 Jan
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In case you can't read that, I put it...6 Sep
P.S. The source of the info I posted...6 Sep
I have a 1/2 hp on a 10x15 OS. It is a...6 Sep
I have a 10x15 C&P old style that is...6 Sep
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It's funny... I was just perusing the...19 Jul
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Is the noise present when you run the...15 Jul
One place that might be worth checking...14 Jul
The Showcard press indeed was designed...13 Jul
This is all very interesting. I agree...7 Jul
Thanks all for the additional...24 Apr
All, this has been very helpful!...20 Apr
I just moved a 10x15 OS through a 35"...14 Feb