Type ID

Hello, can anyone help me ID this typeface?

image: our-lord.jpg


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It looks like Lithographic Black Ornamented No. 534, by Bruce. Design patented Nov. 11, 1873.

Dave Greer

I appreciate the help David. Do you know of any digital revival of this font or where I could look up a complete specimen?

Thank you.

I used to have a complete font of this face, given to me by the late Chuk Klensch. I never printed a complete showing of it, while I had it. Someone else on the list might be able to help you.


Thanks again, Dave

Ok so I found the patent.
I used the date of the patent from Dave, referenced against the list on circuitous root, which indicated it was design patent 6989. I looked that up. Here’s the specimen.


Interestingly, it’s a typeface by Herman Ihlenburg who had many other great designs.


Here’s a specimen of Lithographic Black in Bruce’s 1901 catalog: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015025130124&view=1up&seq=3...