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pink 8.88 bright red 1.71 trans....24 Mar
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You need to adjust your platen and make...15 Jan
Thank you Mike, that makes a lot of...10 Jan
Thank you Mike. It clears up a lot of...7 Jan
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That's right Goeffrey, I totally...11 Dec
I am using steel, and it's hardened and...10 Dec
I have e-mailed Fritz, and he confirmed...23 Oct
That's kind of you Eric. I'll keep you...9 Oct
Woah, is this something new the Royal...9 Oct
That's right, Geoffrey. I agree. You...9 May
There's no formula for that Pantone. At...9 May
Thanks for posting this, Fritz. I'm...7 Dec
Cassielaine, You could try manually...5 Sep
I have done it, it's usually not very...7 Aug
nevermind I thought it was the width of...23 Jul
I've done this before. We used a...6 Mar
Hi Sepia, Sorry for the long...28 Dec
You can definitely get something like...17 Dec
And, I imagine you are in Japan?15 Dec
You are onto the right track, but your...15 Dec
I thought that washout brushes were...14 Dec
Hello, You are understanding it...14 Dec
Then you're definitely going to enjoy...10 Dec
Hi. A couple things to consider: -...7 Dec
I believe you can take a sample and...21 Oct
Wow, Oprion. That's amazing....17 Oct
That seems like a great tool. Is it all...9 Oct