Chandler and Price Craftsman Roller Bearings

Does anyone have any extra roller bearings from a kluge or C&P Craftsman they would be willing to part with? No1209 1/2 is the old number for them.

9/16” inner diameter x 1 1/8” outter diameter. Figure I would check here. I have contacted a few places and no one carries them anymore.


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As far as I know, there is no exact replacement.
But please let us know if you find one. There have been some suggestions, but I don’t have the info anymore.

do you know width on them? i have a VERY good source on bearings.

1/2 or 9/16s

i can get lots of these…. $14.50 each plus shipping. More expensive than i thought they would be, but, prob last for years with a bit of oil periodically.

I tried applied, kelly supply and MRO. All let me order them only to call me back and say they where discontinued or not available for 150 days. Can you message me directly and we can set up payment? I would like to order 8.

Michael Keeton
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Actually, this bearing was suggested from another thread.

Have you tried them? I think I might try them myself.

Those are the ones I ordered. They are listed on the website, but they dont have any in stock. And 2 different companies told me 150 days before general will make anymore if at all.

What? are you serious? they show them as being IN stock.. so they are really not?

That is correct, I called first and was told that they had some in stock somewhere in the midwest. So I placed an order online for 8 and received a call shortly there after telling me that General Bearing had no plans on making anymore for at least 6 months.

Wow, that’s crazy.. 6 months! I’ll keep looking to see if I can source something similar elsewhere. Thanks!

You might try a company by the name Motion Industries. I needed new bearings for a 1950’s engraving spindle. The original bearings were no longer in stock and I was told a 6 month wait as well as a minimum quantity. I provided Motion Industries with the measurements and old bearing number. They provided me with a replacement bearing of same inside and outside diameter, but slightly smaller width. For my case the width was not that critical. Maybe you will have some luck with this company. John

My Craftsman luckily came with a full set of these bearings, but I’ve been down the same road searching for replacements should I drop one and not be able to find it again. Given the low speeds and low forces that these bearings are subject to, they could probably be safely replaced with a teflon bushing.

I have found all US bearing makers I could find have stopped making these sizes. I am testing my first set of Delrin replacements. If I can get a good fit and safe operation.
I will start stocking them.

these may have been a “new Departure” make. ND was part of GM and set up to manufacture odd sizes which other manufacturers could use but would then only be available through that builder (such as C&P). Fafnir is another of these firms. I suggest simply match up a 6000 or 6200 series “DIN” bearing which may have a same OD or ID etc, them have a ring or spacer made. Then you’re back to $6.00 bearings bought anywhere.


Unfortunately your simple suggestion is not that simple to implement.

When I looked into this last, I couldn’t find any stock inch size bearings with an ID greater than 9/16 (14.3mm) and OD less than 1-1/8” (28.6mm). The closest inch size bearing I found has a 1-1/8” OD, and a 1/2” ID, which of course would turning down the ends of the rollers to work.

Going to metric sizes, a 6803 (26mm OD, 17mm ID) would work, but would require .050”-ish thick rings to be made both inside and out. 6803 is only 5mm wide, so it all gets into fiddly territory pretty quick. I could probably bash out a hundred teflon or delrin bearings in the time it would take me to make a full set of bearings using 6803s and spacers.

There’s also 6902, 28mm OD, 15mm ID, which is 0.6mm too small on the OD and 0.7mm too big on the ID. It would probably work, but it would be a sloppy fit. A handful of wraps of scotch tape around the core and a couple 6902s on each end would probably be passable, though.

Understood, If I was faced with this problem we’d work with a metric bearing close enough to make a spacer, or if OD is not match-able, bore out castings or change form roller rods. Alternatively keep an eye out for who may have specified this bearing; Hyatt, New Departure, Fafnir, (probably others too, and hopefully someone has stock. Over the years we did this countless of times. I recall Hoffman- an English bearing, could not be matched for a cylinder side-frame, so we made press bushings on both ID and OD.