Oil cups

Hello everyone. I have on my 10x15 Kluge an oil cup in the left side arm (Front) that just won’t suck up the oil.
I have removed the oil cup and cleaned it thoroughly and it’s not obstructed.
The problem I’m guessing it’s in the “veins” that go through the inside of the arm. I’m also guessing these parts are press-fitted.

Would it make sense to take it to a machine shop, have them remove the part and change the “cotton” or wool that goes inside it?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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you can do this yourself.
A) NOT REMOVING THE ARM: Pick out any cotton or fiber from the cup that you can you can see. Get a rubber, pointed tip air gun. Blow in some “Marvel Mystery Oil”, or any light solvent. IF it starts to comes out all around. this is good. Drop in a piece of cotton ball. you are done. it should oil, if not, further action is best. go to “B”
B) remove enough parts to slide arm out /off pins half way. This will expose the oil hole in the bushing. Look for little 1/8” dia. pieces of oil felt in the holes. blow these out.(there may be none)When all cleaned out, you can replace these with little bits(1/4” long, or what ever fits int there easily of “baking string”) Repeat “A”
WARNING: cover the air gun with a cloth towel. This prevents air/ oil mix from spraying all over.
C) If none of that works, you can take the arm to the local gas station and have them blow it out. bring a cold 6 pack with you. Reassemble.

Thanks a lot, I will try these suggestions!