Three-digit numbering machine?

Hi everyone. I’ve been able to find four-digit numbering machines (see attached file), but not three-digit ones.
Can anyone recommend where to find one?

image: nm3.jpg


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if you can find a “Blank wheel” for the 4 digit, good. Otherwise get the 4 digit and use a “Dremel” style tool and appropriate bit to grind 4th digit down to clearance for your stock/and/or, ink rollers.


true enough Mike!
but, on a thicker stock or, with soft ink rollers, you “pick up” the top of 9, and bottom of 1. or the other way around, if 3 digit is all ever needed, grind away whatever you have to…. REMEMBER Though, these number machines are getting harder to find in good shape, AND new parts are even Thinner.

Howdy. Will a numbering machine operate correctly on a cylinder press?


The wheels advance as the plunger rises, so you don’t want the plunger toward the lead edge or the action could be impeded. Other orientations are fine.
Heidelberg cylinders need a low plunger machine.
Also, lock-pawl machines may be needed on high speed cylinders (and that is—I think—what an “L” designation indicates: Lock, not low).


good idea there too Mike.

Hi guys. Thanks a lot, this has been very helpful. I’ll do exactly that.


It looks like that machine has 3 blank wheels on it; if you bought 2 of those machines, you could ‘rob’ a blank wheel from one of the machines. BTW, I’ve bought ink from NY-Supplies-very low cost, and good ink to boot.

Mike, it is not so much “Thick stock” as it is 5 part carbon-less forms that need a distinct number on the last copy.

I ended up going with ericm’s and bppayne’s suggestion and it came out great, had some fun understanding the assembly of the machine and putting it back together.

Now we have our 3 digit numbering machine and we’re very happy.

image: 3digit.jpg