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Press manual has the dimension info.18 Jan
The few times that I had to use a...2 Jan
I always drill and countersink my...2 Jan
Depends on use here is a link...30 Dec
Looks good for not using guides.21 Dec
Good luck Western. Check Facebook...11 Dec
Read the plate on the motor otherwise...3 Dec
Looks like a foil cutter a must have...2 Dec
Check the motor it is probably 3 phase...26 Nov
Odd lots of foil are okay if you have...17 Nov
Aaron someone wanted a sign printed...14 Nov
brass is better for the heat and will...24 Oct
keep pushing oil into the press it will...17 Oct
Get an oil gun 14 Oct
Why reinvent the wheel just rosin up...11 Sep
justyas003 regular runs of 85-140k...6 Aug
A king size waterbed can be about that...1 Aug
parallel_imp you made reference to this...31 Jul
caxton rollers have been getting cut...31 Jul
Thanks Louie. I have quite a few...26 Jul
So I take it no one has tried running...26 Jul
Speed should not change the impression....19 Jul
II always run my platens slow. Better...18 Jul
This is not a guillotine. Have you...13 Jul
Post a picture you may get the help you...13 Jul
rhetorical question Louie you could...12 Jul
Trade printer question so "OWN" work is...9 Jul
Always tell the truth that way you...8 Jul
Louie that gets a big facebook like I...30 Jun
Welcome to 2017 gotta get a Hem Gauge...30 Jun
Different words/terms for the same...24 Jun
Have it die cut with deckle edge rule....23 Jun
Get or download a copy of the operator...23 Jun
Louie I am going to have to come see...22 Jun
Use register guides otherwise seldom...21 Jun
Mick got a wee spankin' 19 Jun
Ditto. Most client supplied plates are...15 Jun
He meant a machine shop.9 Jun
Forget the sharing. Just sell a bit of...3 Jun
That would put the breaks on that idea....1 Jun