Hello friends, I am about to purchase HEIDELBERG GTP , and can not find a specific operating manual for this machine, these are just the usual manual, can someone give me advice where to find,
thanks for answering

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Ask Heidelberg direct, they usually help



but I am looking for a specific operating manual for this machine so I also listed the model because in the general operating manual there is no reference to this model, I would be happy if anyone has anything to update me

The operating Manual (letterpress Commons) is the same for the 1-x15 x 13x18, that is not good enough for you, look for hints for the Pressman and outside of that is just expirience with the Press


Just to clarify: the Heidelberg GTP (Grosser Tiegel Platen) is the 13x18 version of their “windmill” platen. This may be while you’re not finding model name references… the two machines are covered by one operation manual as they have more similarities than differences.

I hope that helps.


I had a GTP, and there was a thin manual that addressed the foil stamper parts and operation. There was a fold-out wiring diagram for the hot plate (which was the entire chase) stuck in the back cover. It went with the press when I sold it.

You had better have a strong back, that heater/chase is quite heavy, and it comes out for any die change. I was glad to see it go, although it was a reliable machine. Diecutting was easier, not nearly as heavy.

Hey Nipi
I’m actually working on making a more specific manual for the GT - I’m trying to include my personal experiences/hints + Hints/Pressman and a couple of the atrocious translations that are the regular Windmill manuals. Drop me a note and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

Thanks dm you