How do you back up or reverse heidelberg t in case of injury

Hi How do you back up, or reverse heidelberg t or windmill 10x15 in case of injury or accident, best fastest way?

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The manual has the information you need. Previous post links to downloadable copy of manual.

Thank you Mike i can see that now in page 105, i am going to check if that white painted safety catch is available as i am running a very old heidelberg t probably from 1920. I did see some video on youtube a mechanic was lifting some spring i believe and rocking the flywheel it eventually turned but that was just for a paper jam in case of an operators hand 1 or 2 cm would not be sufficient to release the hand.
This information should be widely spread, to bad it is located in the back as many operators work alone.

Nevertheless i have witnessed several accidents over the years many from experienced operators on different machines handfed platens, offset, cutters, balers probably because of too much confidence,
stay safe everybody.

as i suspected that white painted safety catch is not available in this older model, They probably made that implementation after several hands or arms went missing trying to squeeze the full cycle haha.
Its faster to cut of the hand than to try to cut down the iron beast.