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Embossing23 Feb 15
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Hi a regular 2pt perforating steel...19 Aug
hi turtle wax will do fine.27 Dec
try to clean the filter submerge it in...4 Oct
try to clean the filter submerge it in...4 Oct
It might be the brushes on the motor.1 Oct
wild guess here but you did mention you...11 Sep
i believe you can run up to 16pt or...13 Jul
hi i have seen a machine with louder...7 Jun
.7 Jun
Congratz a real artwork.! Are the...1 Jun
the rubberband works fine. it is a...5 Apr
not sure if it is the case but type...9 Aug
i have done long runs where there is a...19 Jul
roll them over a thin layer of...28 Sep
...19 May
i operate a 19000 series metallball...19 May
@ericm yes thats correct it thinners...31 Mar
I see your point Typenut i live in...30 Mar
i remember i atached a regular...30 Mar
Typenut i would say the government...30 Mar
I would say 60 for halftone, if the...30 Mar
in swedish snabel a. as for a with an...30 Mar
regular waterbased glue mixed with...30 Mar
hello the differences that comes to my...17 Sep
this one could be a "Juwel"9 Sep
could be a phoenix9 Sep
if you can get your hands on a Thomson...29 Aug
a video would help your paper seems...22 Jul
In spanish the windmill is called...21 Jul
From my experience you can position de...21 Jul
you could also try to clean the pulley...16 Jul
another option could be to replace the...16 Jul
heidelberg kord 64 uses a cylinder...7 Jul
very intersting hybrid but that is...6 Jul
good idea, nice proyect as you lack...16 Jun
same here i allways have 4 chases...16 Jun
looks to me that your motor lacks power.2 Jun
Hehe youre right on that HavenPress2 Jun
Kerosene as jhenry corrected is what i...28 May
dont use toluene if you want to...28 May