Buying a Heidelberg Windmill Help

I recently resigned from my position at Crane & Co. Leading a Letter-Press and Foil department with 8 Heidelberg Windmills. I am seriously considering buying my own press. I have gained a lot of knowledge over the last 10 years of my life in the printing industry and I think I’m ready to give it a shot!

I really want a newer press. 10x15 Locking out arms is a must maybe with a foil stamping unit already installed but not a need. If anyone has any information where to get a really good press please contact me! Also maybe a good Challenge Paper cutter or a Polar for a good price.

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Are you considering starting a printing business or just as a hobby?


For the time being it’s going to be mostly a hobby. In a few years I hope to gain the knowledge to run my own business.

I saw this in the Brairpress classified section:

Shop ready to go with the press you want!

Julie Cook
Region: Wedgwood
Seattle, WA USA

hi EJ, we have 4 really late model T’s. all +180,000 serial numbers.


I have a challenge 30inch cutter for sale.
It has a manual clamp and a power knife.
Excellent condition.
Has an extra sharp knife and all necessary tools.
Runs on 220 single phase.
Located in St Louis MO>
On a skid and easy to load on a trailer or truck.


Dick Niehaus [email protected]

image: cuttter2.jpg


Nick Howard…
Seventy years in the printing trades and I must ask you “what ia a Model T?”

T for10 x15 Heidelberg platen as opposed to GT for 13x18

Nah, you’ve got it wrong, it’s a car ;-)

What is a Tiegel?

a Tiegel I think is the tiger in Winnie the Poo books.

Anybody coming up in the Trade in the last 50-70 years in Europe in General learned that it is a Heidelberg,
a Tiegel is the way the Press prints, in US you call it a Platen,
we call it Tiegel for the 10 x 15 and GT (Grosser Tigel) for the 13 x 18. Grosser means Big.

Simple as that. Windmill as a Term has been manifested by English speaking (US) Printers and subsequently Readers of Briarpress, as they have no secondary source for their education.

Much agree

In spanish the windmill is called “Paleta” means Blades.

Do I detect a little elitist snobbery in the “no secondary source for their education” remark? This thread has wandered from EJ’s simple request about availability of a press, whatever you want to call it. Having worked at Crane’s, he has had far more exposure to top of the line printing and paper than most of those on Briar. A basic source for equipment remains with the equipment dealers, and then from individuals or companies disposing of equipment. There are some online sources, like, dealers like Boggs in Cleveland and Hicks Bros. in California, as well as the Heidelberg folks like Whittenberg and Demers.


no secondary source pertains to education and the non existence of an apprentice ship / Trade school model as we have it in Europe. It is not directed at EJ but relates to the notions why we call a Windmil Tiegel.

At B&H Print Engineers Ltd we rebuild these all the time.
Plenty in stock, we also build the hot foiling unit in ouf factory.
If your starting out, are you looking for a single phase model T 10X15?, we have a couple in stock late model roller lock.
email or give us a call +44 (0)1480 474705
Paul or Victor Balazy

B&H— You might want to check into the cost of shipping from the UK to the USA, as that is undoubtably what would be required in this situation… OP is in the USA if I am not mistaken