Differences between Super Heidelberg and Original Heidelberg?

Hi all
I’m trying to decide the purchase of a heidelberg 10 x 15 press, I thought there were four models, the firsts ones without registration guide, The black ball, the red ball and the newest with suspension rollers.
The one i’m seeing is a black ball, but it’s Super heidelberg, and, with a naked eye, it has a couple of differences, but I don’t know what’s the real difference between a 60’s red ball and this one that is 1942 model.

Do you have any idea?

The price hi’s asking me for this press is the same than a 60’s red ball model, wich is the one I really would like to get. In the other hand, I know that buy the machine to this man, is a warranty of a good working machine. Here In argentina the heidelberg presses are very combated.

Wait your comments, Thanks!

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hello the differences that comes to my mind right now are the speed in the older model is regulated by a rheostat that tends to overheat they are a bit slower than the newer models the air blast on the delivery table works different as well as it is fixed without movement following the sheet you also lack the knob on the feed table that regulates the height for operation onion skin paper normal paper and heavy stock.
if you are interested i have a redball in excelent condition second owner in Montevideo for usd 3500.with all the extra equipment safety collars unused rollers etc.

no inker wash-up, no drop away fountain (duct), sometimes without variable speed pulley, distributors have removable bushings, The rheostat was only used in EU countries, most everywhere else a variable speed pulley was used. that’s about it other than too old. I suggest you seek 100,000 serial # +.

almost forgot , NO central lubrication, which is really nice to have.

Thanks for the comments!